KURULAS OSMAN Season 5 Turkish Drama Series with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5

Viewers! The Kurulus Osman century is the most glorious time in our history, and it gives us hope that Muslims can once again control the entire planet. The popularity of the drama series “Ertul Ghazi,” which broke all previous records, has stoked public interest in the Osmanian Caliphate. The protagonist of this tale is Osman Ghazi, who established the Ottoman Empire.

Review of the Kurulus Osman Series

Osman Ghazi, the main character of Kurulus Osman, was born in?

Ertugul Ghazi, the Bey of the renowned Kai clan of Turks, gave birth to an Osman-named son in the year 656 A.H. At this period, the Abbasid Caliphate’s capital city of Baghdad was being demolished brick by brick by the Mongol army under Halaku Khan’s command.

At a time when the Muslim Ummah was through its worst days and the adversaries were obliterating cities one by one. Osman Ghazi, the leader of a new, vast Muslim empire, became aware of the outside world in such a circumstance.

Osman Ghazi had two marriages and had seven Son’s whose names are as follows.

  1. Orhan Ghazi
  2. Alauddin Ali Pasha
  3. Mr. Sauchi
  4. Mr. Malik
  5. Mr Choban
  6. Mr. Hamid
  7. Mr. Pazarli

Osman Sahib conquered many forts, some of which are named below.

  1. Belegic
  2. Karachaisar
  3. Karaja Hisar
  4. Yeni Shehar
  5. Enagol
  6. Yarhisar
  7. Kopri Hisar
  8. Koyun Hisar

Death of Osman Bey

Apart from that, many forts were conquered. After the death of Osman, his sword was given to every sultan, so that he too would show the jewels of bravery like Sultan Osman. In 1317 AD, Osman Ghazi besieged Bursa to conquer it which lasted for a long time.

It is said that it continued for ten years and during this time Osman Ghazi passed away on his deathbed and died in 1326 AD and was buried there in Bursa.

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Season 5 All Episodes

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